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Self-Esteem, Boundaries, and Assertiveness for Survivors

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Self-Esteem, Boundaries, and Assertiveness for Survivors
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Incest Resources, Inc.
This twenty-session group for women with childhood sexual abuse histories is offered once a year.

Meetings are held in Cambridge at One Arnold Circle on an every other week basis from September to June, generally on a weekday evening from 6:00-7:30 P.M. The group provides education, insight, support and change for survivors who wish to:

  • learn more about the impact of childhood sexual abuse on self-esteem, boundaries, and assertiveness in adulthood
  • explore the effects of a personal history of abuse on individual development in these areas
  • understand more fully what self-esteem is, what boundaries are, and what assertiveness is
  • work toward developing a stronger sense of self, a greater capacity for self-care, and improved self-esteem
  • work toward building and exercising better boundaries with others
  • work toward establishing and setting better limits with others
  • work toward being assertive, not passive or aggressive with others

As a group leader I bring 30 years of experience in the field of childhood sexual abuse to my work with survivors, as well as a personal history of incest. I am the co-founder of Incest Resources, Inc., the first survivor organization in the country, and I am a licensed psychologist, educator, and author who has written extensively on childhood sexual abuse and recovery.

Screening interviews are generally scheduled during May, June, and July. The cost of the screening interview is $80.00, payable at the time of the visit. The cost of the twenty-session group is $800.00, payable in halves by August 1st and January 1st. It is not possible to make other payment arrangements for the group, and it is not possible to use insurance for the group. Also, the fee can not be adjusted to accommodate absences, so commitment is very important. Depending upon the final number and make-up of the group, I am sometimes able to offer some slides.

If you are interested in setting up a screening interview, please call the number above and leave your name, telephone number(s), and the best days and times for me to return your call.


This group was a great experience for me.  It helped me to be aware of the areas I needed to strengthen and continues to help me today as I still look at the materials given out in the group.  The atmosphere of the group was highly supportive and caring, and the structure kept everyone focused but also comfortable and at ease.  The support and encouragement I found in the group made my recovery process much more enriching and worthwhile.  I would highly recommend it.
I really enjoyed this group, which was very supportive and safe. I have much more insight about  the connections between my abuse and my self-esteem, boundaries, and assertiveness.  I'm more aware now of daily interactions with coworkers, friends, and family, and I have a way to continue my growth.  I would absolutely recommend it to any survivor struggling with these issues.
I found this group excellent and extremely useful.  It has helped me change my life, the way I am able to interact in the world, and how I feel about myself.  It was very well structured and organized, and I still use materials and exercises from the group.  I gained compassion for myself, learned from others, and made good friends.  I always felt included, valued, and validated as a group member.
This group helped me see how self-esteem, boundaries, and assertiveness touched on large parts of my life.  I found that I could change how I dealt with these issues.  I had choices.  And I could understand my feelings better and not be so hard on myself.  This group taught me that I can consciously change my actions and be more comfortable with situations that come up in my life.

This group was excellent and so helpful.  Over the course of the group I learned how to care for myself better by putting myself first on my list of priorities.  I also learned that by being more assertive and speaking up and expressing myself, I began to feel more genuine and whole.  The group was a very meaningful experience for me in my recovery. I recommend it wholeheartedly!
Participating in this group has meant a lot to me.  I've become conscious of my issues and how my behavior and thoughts impact my self-esteem, boundaries, and assertiveness.  The group helped me set goals and figure out steps to take to work on these issues. I've also found the relationships with the other group members very rewarding and I hope to continue these.
This group experience was very valuable and meaningful to me in terms of healing.  I gained insight  and compassion for myself, which helps with self-care and promotes better self-esteem.  The group had a lot of focus and purpose, without ever limiting anyone's contributions, and it offered concrete resources of real substance that raised my awareness.  Two thumbs up for sure!
This group helped me see relationships and interactions with others in a new way.  Once I began to assert my boundaries, my self-esteem improved;  as my self-esteem improved,  I began to view self-care as a priority.  I developed a sense of self and arrived at a turning point in my healing.
The gifts of this group were a sense of belonging, tools for change, and compassion for myself.  The group is not a cure-all and there are times I forget the skills, but I have the group materials and some  new-found friends, and I have hope again.  I feel a sense of happiness I haven't felt since I was 7.