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Jul 6, 2019
UMass Memorial Medical Center

About Harold R. Moore, MD

Meet Dr. Harold R. Moore, a distinguished cardiologist with extensive experience in providing exceptional cardiac care. Dr. Moore is affiliated with UMass Memorial Health, a prestigious healthcare institution known for its commitment to advanced medical expertise and patient-centered care.

Expertise in Cardiology

With a strong background in cardiology, Dr. Harold R. Moore specializes in diagnosing and treating various cardiovascular conditions. He possesses a profound understanding of the intricate workings of the human heart and employs state-of-the-art techniques to deliver accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

Comprehensive Cardiac Care

Dr. Moore offers comprehensive cardiac care services to patients in Clinton and Milford. He takes a holistic approach, ensuring that every patient receives personalized attention and tailored treatment plans. From initial diagnosis to ongoing management, Dr. Moore is dedicated to optimizing heart health and improving overall well-being.

Advanced Treatment Options

As a leading cardiologist, Dr. Harold R. Moore stays up-to-date with the latest advancements and breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine. He leverages his expertise to provide patients with access to cutting-edge treatment options. Rest assured, you will receive the highest standard of care backed by advanced medical technologies at every visit.

Collaborative Care Approach

Dr. Moore strongly believes in the importance of collaborative care. He works closely with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including nurses, technicians, and other specialists, to ensure comprehensive and coordinated treatment plans. This team approach allows for seamless care delivery and optimal patient outcomes.

Patient-Centered Care

At UMass Memorial Health, patient satisfaction is a top priority. Dr. Harold R. Moore and his team are committed to providing personalized, patient-centered care. They take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and involve you in the decision-making process. Your well-being and comfort are of utmost importance throughout your treatment journey.

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If you are seeking exceptional cardiac care in Clinton or Milford, look no further than Dr. Harold R. Moore. With his extensive expertise, commitment to advanced treatment options, and patient-centered approach, you can trust that you are in capable hands. Book an appointment today and take the first step toward achieving optimal heart health.

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