Meet Dr. Walter K. Goljan - Internal Medicine Specialist in Worcester

Nov 12, 2021
UMass Memorial Medical Center

Providing Expert Primary Care Services at UMass Memorial Health

Welcome to the profile page of Dr. Walter K. Goljan, a highly skilled and experienced internal medicine specialist at UMass Memorial Health - Find a Doctor. With a primary care focus, Dr. Goljan serves patients in Worcester and the surrounding areas, providing top-quality healthcare services for individuals of all ages.

Comprehensive Internal Medicine Expertise

As an esteemed physician, Dr. Walter K. Goljan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of internal medicine. With extensive experience in treating a wide range of medical conditions, Dr. Goljan is committed to delivering comprehensive and personalized care to his patients.

Unparalleled Qualifications and Training

Dr. Goljan has completed rigorous training and education, including a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from XYZ University and a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from ABC Medical School. He went on to complete his residency in Internal Medicine at DEF Hospital, where he honed his skills and gained invaluable experience in diagnosing and managing various health conditions.

Dr. Goljan is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, demonstrating his commitment to maintaining the highest standards of medical practice and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in his field.

A Trusted Partner in Your Health Journey

With his compassionate and patient-centered approach, Dr. Walter K. Goljan strives to build strong relationships with his patients, fostering an environment of trust and open communication. He believes in the importance of actively involving his patients in their healthcare decisions, empowering them to make informed choices that align with their unique needs and goals.

Dr. Goljan's practice philosophy is centered around preventive care, early detection, and evidence-based medicine. He emphasizes the adoption of a holistic approach, considering not only the physical symptoms but also the emotional well-being of his patients, ensuring comprehensive care for optimal health outcomes.

Conditions Treated

Dr. Goljan provides comprehensive internal medicine services to manage and treat various health conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders
  • Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Health
  • Lung Diseases (COPD, Asthma, etc.)
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Conditions
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Acute and Chronic Illnesses

Compassionate Primary Care Tailored Just For You

When you choose Dr. Walter K. Goljan as your primary care physician, you can expect:

  • Thorough medical evaluations and screenings
  • Comprehensive disease management and treatment plans
  • Personalized preventive care strategies
  • Coordination of care with specialists, as needed
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Counseling on healthy lifestyle choices
  • Thoughtful guidance and support throughout your health journey

Contact Dr. Walter K. Goljan for Exceptional Internal Medicine Care

Are you seeking a highly qualified internal medicine specialist in Worcester, MA, who will prioritize your health and well-being? Look no further than Dr. Walter K. Goljan at UMass Memorial Health - Find a Doctor. Schedule an appointment today and take the first step towards achieving optimal health and wellness.

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