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Jun 23, 2019
UMass Memorial Medical Center

About Edward R. Calkins, MD

Edward R. Calkins, MD is a highly skilled and experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon who provides exceptional care at UMass Memorial Health. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr. Calkins specializes in a broad range of surgical procedures that can address various medical conditions and aesthetic concerns.

Comprehensive Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Services

At UMass Memorial Health, Dr. Calkins offers the highest quality plastic and reconstructive surgery services to patients in Worcester and the surrounding areas. The clinic provides a comfortable and safe environment where patients can receive advanced surgical procedures that are tailored to their unique needs.

1. Hand Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Edward R. Calkins is renowned for his expertise in hand plastic and reconstructive surgery. Whether you require treatment for congenital hand anomalies, traumatic injuries, or debilitating hand conditions, Dr. Calkins can provide comprehensive and personalized care to improve your hand functionality and overall quality of life. With his precise surgical techniques and compassionate approach, Dr. Calkins strives to achieve optimal outcomes for his patients.

2. Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

As a skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Calkins offers a wide range of procedures to enhance the appearance and function of the face. Whether you are considering rhinoplasty, facelift, eyelid surgery, or facial reconstruction after trauma or cancer treatment, Dr. Calkins can guide you through the entire process and create natural-looking results that harmonize with your unique features.

3. Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Edward R. Calkins understands the physical and emotional impact of breast cancer and offers compassionate breast reconstruction services to help restore confidence and well-being for breast cancer survivors. With advanced reconstructive techniques, Dr. Calkins can reconstruct the breast mound, reshape the nipple, and provide support and symmetry to ensure a positive outcome for each patient.

Why Choose Dr. Edward R. Calkins

When it comes to plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Edward R. Calkins is a trusted name in Worcester and beyond. Here are some reasons why patients choose him:

  • Experience: With years of experience, Dr. Calkins has refined his skills and techniques to deliver exceptional results.
  • Expertise: Dr. Calkins specializes in various areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery, ensuring comprehensive care for his patients.
  • Compassionate Approach: Dr. Calkins understands the sensitive nature of these procedures and offers personalized care with empathy and respect.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: UMass Memorial Health provides advanced facilities and equipment to support the highest level of patient care and comfort.
  • Dedicated Team: Dr. Calkins works alongside a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who prioritize patient safety and satisfaction.

Contact Dr. Edward R. Calkins Today

If you are seeking exceptional plastic and reconstructive surgery services in Worcester, look no further than the expertise of Dr. Edward R. Calkins. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how Dr. Calkins can help you achieve your aesthetic or reconstructive goals.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Please consult with Dr. Edward R. Calkins for personalized recommendations and treatment options.

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