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May 15, 2019
UMass Memorial Medical Center


Welcome to the page of Dr. Yael L. Rosen, an experienced internal medicine primary care physician at UMass Memorial Health in Worcester, MA. With a deep commitment to patient care, Dr. Rosen provides exceptional healthcare services to patients of all ages, ensuring their well-being and promoting overall health.

Meet Dr. Yael L. Rosen

Dr. Yael L. Rosen is a highly qualified internal medicine specialist who has dedicated her career to delivering comprehensive and compassionate care to her patients. With extensive experience in the field, Dr. Rosen is skilled in diagnosing, treating, and managing a wide range of medical conditions. Her expertise includes preventive care, chronic disease management, and acute illness treatment.

Internal Medicine Primary Care

As an internal medicine primary care physician, Dr. Rosen focuses on building long-term relationships with her patients, serving as their primary point of contact for all their healthcare needs. She believes in taking a holistic approach to care, addressing not only the physical symptoms but also considering the individual's emotional and mental well-being. Dr. Rosen takes the time to listen to her patients, understand their concerns, and develop personalized treatment plans tailored to their unique needs.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Dr. Yael L. Rosen offers a wide range of comprehensive healthcare services, including but not limited to:

  • Annual check-ups and preventive care
  • Management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and infections
  • Immunizations and vaccinations
  • Women's health, including gynecological exams and contraception
  • Geriatric care
  • Wellness and lifestyle counseling
  • Referrals to specialists when necessary

Patient-Centered Approach

Dr. Rosen understands that each patient is unique and requires individualized care. With a patient-centered approach, she ensures that her patients are actively involved in their healthcare decisions. She educates and empowers them to make informed choices, guiding them towards a healthier lifestyle and preventive measures.

Why Choose Dr. Yael L. Rosen?

Choosing Dr. Yael L. Rosen as your internal medicine primary care physician offers several benefits:

  • Expertise: Dr. Rosen is a highly skilled and experienced internal medicine specialist, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and best practices.
  • Compassionate Care: She provides compassionate care, treating each patient with respect, empathy, and kindness.
  • Continuity of Care: By establishing long-term relationships with her patients, Dr. Rosen ensures continuity of care, promoting a deeper understanding of their medical history and needs.
  • Collaborative Approach: Dr. Rosen believes in a collaborative approach, working closely with her patients and involving them in their healthcare decisions.
  • Convenient Location: Her practice is conveniently located in Worcester, MA, making it easily accessible for the community.

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Take control of your health and choose Dr. Yael L. Rosen as your internal medicine primary care physician today. Experience the exceptional care and comprehensive healthcare services offered at UMass Memorial Health in Worcester, MA. Contact us now to schedule your appointment.