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Jul 4, 2019
UMass Memorial Medical Center

About Dr. Charles W. Lehnardt

Dr. Charles W. Lehnardt is a highly skilled and experienced family medicine and osteopathic physician serving patients in Fitchburg and the surrounding areas. With a commitment to providing compassionate, patient-centered care, Dr. Lehnardt has built a strong reputation for his expertise in primary care, osteopathic neuromusculoskeletal medicine, and more.

Comprehensive Family Medicine Services

At UMass Memorial Health, we understand the importance of comprehensive family medicine in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Dr. Charles W. Lehnardt and his team are dedicated to delivering personalized care for patients of all ages, from infants to seniors.

Primary Care

As a primary care physician, Dr. Lehnardt provides a wide range of services, including routine check-ups, preventive care, immunizations, and management of chronic conditions. He takes the time to listen to his patients' concerns, answer their questions, and develop tailored treatment plans to meet their individual healthcare needs.

Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

In addition to primary care, Dr. Charles W. Lehnardt specializes in osteopathic neuromusculoskeletal medicine. With his extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and hands-on approach, he offers effective diagnosis and treatment for issues related to the bones, muscles, and nerves.

Preventive Care and Health Screenings

Prevention is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Lehnardt emphasizes the importance of regular health screenings and preventive care to detect and address potential health issues before they become more serious. From cancer screenings to blood pressure monitoring, he is dedicated to promoting overall wellness.

Women's Health

Dr. Charles W. Lehnardt understands the unique healthcare needs of women. He offers comprehensive women's health services, including annual gynecological exams, contraception counseling, prenatal care, and menopause management. Patients can feel confident in receiving compassionate and specialized care.

Why Choose UMass Memorial Health?

  • Expertise in family medicine and osteopathic medicine
  • Compassionate and patient-centered care
  • Extensive experience in addressing a wide range of health concerns
  • Personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs
  • Strong focus on preventive care and overall wellness
  • Convenient location in Fitchburg
  • Collaborative approach in working with patients to achieve optimal health outcomes
  • Respectful and friendly staff members

Visit Dr. Charles W. Lehnardt Today

If you are seeking top-quality family medicine and osteopathic care, Dr. Charles W. Lehnardt and his team at UMass Memorial Health are here to assist you. With a thorough understanding of your healthcare needs, Dr. Lehnardt strives to provide comprehensive, personalized care to optimize your wellbeing. Contact our Fitchburg clinic today to schedule your appointment.

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Muffy Polak
Dr. Lehnardt is a highly skilled and compassionate family physician. 👏 He's renowned for his expertise in primary care and osteopathic medicine. 💪
Nov 10, 2023