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May 21, 2019
UMass Memorial Medical Center

About Dr. Shwetha S. Adhikari

Welcome to the webpage of Shwetha S. Adhikari, MD, a knowledgeable and compassionate primary care physician specializing in internal medicine at UMass Memorial Health. Dr. Adhikari is dedicated to providing comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare services to individuals and families in Northborough and the surrounding areas. With her expertise and genuine care, she strives to promote and maintain the well-being of her patients.

Primary Care Services

As an experienced internal medicine physician, Dr. Adhikari offers a wide range of primary care services to patients of all ages. Her areas of expertise include the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various medical conditions, as well as managing chronic diseases. Whether you need a routine check-up, immunizations, or ongoing care for a specific health concern, Dr. Adhikari is committed to delivering personalized care that meets your unique needs.

Compassionate and Comprehensive Care

Dr. Adhikari believes in building strong doctor-patient relationships based on trust, communication, and respect. She takes the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide guidance on making informed healthcare decisions. With her empathetic approach and attention to detail, Dr. Adhikari ensures that every patient receives the highest quality of care.

Education and Training

Dr. Shwetha S. Adhikari completed her medical education at a renowned institution, gaining extensive knowledge in internal medicine. She is highly skilled in diagnosing complex medical conditions, developing effective treatment plans, and promoting preventive care. With her continuing education and dedication to staying updated with the latest medical advancements, Dr. Adhikari ensures that her patients benefit from the best available treatments.

Location and Appointment

Dr. Shwetha S. Adhikari practices at UMass Memorial Health in Northborough. The clinic is conveniently located and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide exceptional healthcare services. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Adhikari, please contact our friendly staff at [clinic contact information]. We look forward to providing you with comprehensive primary care that prioritizes your well-being.

Why Choose Dr. Adhikari?

  • Extensive experience and expertise in internal medicine.
  • Compassionate and patient-centered care.
  • Strong focus on preventive medicine and wellness.
  • Personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs.
  • Continual education and staying up-to-date with medical advancements.
  • Conveniently located clinic with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Friendly and dedicated staff committed to your well-being.

Book Your Appointment Today

Your health is of utmost importance, and Dr. Shwetha S. Adhikari is here to support you on your journey to well-being. Take the first step towards quality healthcare by booking an appointment with Dr. Adhikari at UMass Memorial Health. We look forward to meeting you and providing comprehensive primary care services that prioritize your health and happiness.

Ignacio Gadea
❤️ Great doctor!
Nov 8, 2023