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May 31, 2022
UMass Memorial Medical Center


Welcome to the profile of Marianne Trotter, MD at UMass Memorial Health. Dr. Trotter is a highly skilled and compassionate family medicine physician specializing in primary care. With extensive experience and a commitment to providing exceptional healthcare, Dr. Trotter and the team at UMass Memorial Health are dedicated to serving the Harvard community.

Comprehensive Family Medicine and Primary Care Services

Dr. Marianne Trotter offers a wide range of comprehensive family medicine and primary care services. With a patient-centered approach, she focuses on building strong doctor-patient relationships and providing individualized care to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Preventive Care

As a family medicine physician, Dr. Trotter emphasizes the importance of preventive care. She believes in the power of regular check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations to keep patients healthy and prevent potential complications. Dr. Trotter works closely with her patients to develop personalized preventive care plans that promote overall wellness and help identify potential health issues early on.

Acute and Chronic Disease Management

Dr. Marianne Trotter has extensive experience in managing both acute and chronic conditions. Whether it's a common cold, flu, or a chronic condition such as diabetes or hypertension, Dr. Trotter provides expert care and treatment options. She takes the time to thoroughly evaluate patients' symptoms, provide accurate diagnoses, and develop comprehensive treatment plans to optimize their health and well-being.

Women's Health

Dr. Trotter also specializes in women's health, offering a range of services that address the unique healthcare needs of women. From routine gynecological exams to contraceptive counseling and menopause management, Dr. Trotter provides holistic care to women of all ages.

Pediatric Care

Dr. Marianne Trotter is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients of all ages, including children. With a focus on comprehensive care and preventive measures, she ensures that children receive the necessary vaccinations, growth monitoring, and developmental screenings. Dr. Trotter works closely with parents and caregivers to address any concerns or questions, creating a supportive environment for children's health and well-being.

Education and Training

Dr. Marianne Trotter completed her medical degree at Harvard Medical School and went on to complete her residency in family medicine at UMass Memorial Health. During her training, she gained invaluable experience in various healthcare settings and developed a deep understanding of the complexities of primary care. Dr. Trotter continues to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field of family medicine to provide the best possible care to her patients.

Why Choose Dr. Marianne Trotter

There are many reasons why patients choose Dr. Marianne Trotter as their primary care physician:

  • Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in family medicine, Dr. Trotter has developed a deep expertise in providing comprehensive care to patients of all ages.
  • Compassionate and Personalized Care: Dr. Trotter understands the importance of building strong doctor-patient relationships. She takes the time to listen, understand, and address her patients' concerns, providing personalized care that meets their unique needs.
  • Collaborative Approach: Dr. Trotter believes in a collaborative approach to healthcare. She actively involves her patients in decision-making and helps them make informed choices about their health and well-being.
  • Continuity of Care: As a primary care physician, Dr. Trotter emphasizes the importance of continuity of care. She strives to build long-term relationships with her patients, ensuring comprehensive and consistent healthcare.
  • Patient Education: Dr. Trotter believes in empowering her patients with knowledge. She educates her patients about their conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures, enabling them to actively participate in their own healthcare journey.

Contact Dr. Marianne Trotter, MD - UMass Memorial Health

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Trotter or to learn more about the services provided at UMass Memorial Health, please contact our friendly staff. We look forward to serving you and your family's healthcare needs.

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